consultant interims

You need a specialist to lead transformation of a service. Often, not just a general programme or project manager, business analyst, or change manager, but someone who truly understands the service (from adult social care to waste), and someone who fits your culture.

Not all interims are the same

Not all interims are the same, and nobody provides the same kind of support that RedQuadrant does. Our quality assured and customised approach has driven results in over one hundred clients since we started in 2009. And 96.8% have returned for more.

When you ask for a project manager, we don’t send twenty CVs of people who are selected on the basis that they have done PRINCE2 – we understand your needs and will provide a person or team to really fit the bill.

Before working with a consultant, we have examined and ratified their track record, expertise and technical knowledge – and we build long-term relationships with our core team, who come back to us, like our clients, time and time again.

This means the recruitment is faster, and you know you are getting ‘best in class’, effective people. 



Transformation interims

We are the only provider of transformation interims to proactively develop and train our own consultants.

Our transformation interims receive coaching, mentoring, and training, and we provide quality assurance on what they deliver for you and how they deliver it. They have access to all the learning an expertise of RedQuadrant and our consultant network. And we provide constant quality assurance on your outcomes through rigorous management and feedback.

So you get the same drive, expertise, flexibility, and support as you would from a large consulting firm (it’s the same people after all) – without the double agendas and politics – and get it at a better rate. You get the assured expertise and drive of a top person, without a contractor playing the game of becoming indispensable.

And you get the tailor-made tools and techniques to be able to maintain the transformation you want and deliver in-house in the future.

Our clients include local authorities like Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster, Hillingdon, Essex, the NHS (Central London Community Healthcare Trust – CLCH), the Ministry of Defence, probation, transport, and other public services. As their trusted partner, we have provided expertise and built learning together over time.

To see how we can deliver for you, too, contact RedQuadrant Managing Partner, Benjamin Taylor

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Managing Partner
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