National consultancy services frameworks

RedQuadrant available on national frameworks:

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We are pleased to announce that RedQuadrant’s services can now be procured through the Pro5/ESPO national consultancy services framework for services in the following categories:

  • Lot 3 Community research and engagement
  • Lot 4 Education and learning
  • Lot 10 Housing and housing support
  • Lot 11 Leisure, culture and heritage services
  • Lot 12 Marketing, communications and PR
  • Lot 13 Planning, valuation and infrastructure
  • Lot 14 Regeneration and regional development
  • Lot 16 Social care (adults)
  • Lot 17 Social care (children)

For more information or to request our schedule of rates, please email or call Benjamin Taylor, managing partner, on 079 3131 7230.

More detailed information and a user guide are available through the ESPO website

The framework runs until 2017, and has been procured through Pro5 - www.pro5.orgWorking together the Pro5 use their extensive buying power to help local authorities in England and Wales:

  • get the best value solutions in key markets on commonly purchased goods and services
  • save time and effort by accessing pre-negotiated compliant procurement arrangements

G-Cloud 8

RedQuadrant Transformation Services are now available through the digital marketplace. Our offer covers a wide range of transformation, enabling, and training services which can be bought directly without additional procurement process.


NEPRO consultancy framework

We are now also pleased to announce that we are accredited on the NEPRO framework, evidencing the fact that we really are the expert consultancy for whole council change and acknowledging the fact that we also have specialist expertise!

This open framework run by the North-East Procurement Organisation enables you to access our serves in four quick and easy steps. As with ESPO/Pro5 you can procure us through a direct option or minicompetition exercise, for services under any of the following categories:

1. Marketing, media and communications
2. Social care (children)
3. Education and learning
4. Organisational advice and support
5. Leisure culture and heritage
6. Planning and development control
7. Training
8. Health and wellbeing

For more information, email us or call Benjamin Taylor, Managing partner on 079 3131 7230.