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Public services face a ‘perfect storm’ of unprecedented budget cuts, rising citizen expectations, and increasing demand for services. We believe that only change that is transformational can help public services improve their services while reducing costs in a sustainable way.

Our Service Transformation Programme develops the in-house capabilities of public sector leaders and managers to confidently design, develop and deliver change which can transform services and achieve cashable savings.

The four modules of the service transformation programme are:

  • Customer led service design  and whole systems change – 10-11 September 2015
  • Accredited agile master in public services (PSTA-LAST) – 17-18 September 2015
  • Coaching and consulting for change: defensive behaviour and critical conversations – 25 September 2015
  • Leading in a volatile world: four dimensions of complexity – 28 September 2015

Each module can be taken independently or as part of the whole programme, so we’re flexible to your requirements. If you really want to understand service transformation – book the whole course! The full programme includes all the four modules for a discounted price and gives you a wide range of tools and methods to achieve transformational change. 

To find out more and to register please visit this Eventbrite link.

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Sue McKenzie

Benjamin Taylor, RedQuadrant Managing Partner, has consulted extensively across local and central government over the last eight years. Ben is our lean and systems thinking lead, and provides the customer centred design module of the service transformation programme.

Phillip Hellyer

Dennis Vergne, RedQuadrant Manager Partner, has worked as an organisational change consultant for twelve years. His main focus is on working with UK local government, helping councils to mobilise and deliver large change programmes and to build internal capacity. 

“This first class programme builds the internal service transformation skills of London local government. All the councils who participated rated it highly, with feedback including “it was the most effective training our people have been on” and “it is one of the best and most valuable programmes London Councils has done.

 “The learning philosophy behind the programme is highly effectively. Through the use of intensive simulated project environments, the participants easily bridged the gap between theory and the coalface of transformation projects and have an enjoyable time while learning all this” 

Colin Whitehouse, London Councils, (Capital Ambition)