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In the current public sector climate, many managers are struggling to have productive conversations with their team members. When difficult conversations are not managed sensitively, they can often lead to defensive and unproductive behaviours. Implementing transformational change in this kind of hostile environment is much harder and more expensive for any organisation.

We understand that all people, teams and organisations have defences, and that, if these defences are not managed properly, they can act as a real barrier to implementing change.

Using our expertise and our own deep research on this topic, we’ve developed a one day defensive behaviours: coaching and consulting for change course. The course is designed to equip public sector leaders and managers with a range tools to understand the different types of defensive behaviours and productively deal with them.

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Dennis Vergne is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. Dennis has worked with a range of public sector organisations in Britain in the last fifteen years and is an internationally recognised expert in organisational change management. Dennis has a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks, turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours. He holds an MSc in this field (Oxford – distinction) and belongs to an international network of reflective change practitioners.

This course focuses on the eight common defence mechanisms and provides a masterclass on how to manage ‘within’ and ‘around’ such difficult behaviours to achieve change. We share our ‘breaking the shell’ method for unblocking barriers to change and our knowledge on change navigation – a better form of change management (we think) based on our own primary research into successful transformation in public services. We work with attendees to encourage productive thinking about how these behaviours can be dealt with – so expect a highly interactive day!

Why should I sign up?

One of the main benefits of this course has been the increased level of confidence in our attendees. They are much better equipped in having challenging conversations and can use our tactics to manage defensive behaviours in their service teams. This could include conversations with team members, colleagues, critical stakeholders or partners.

What have previous participants said?

‘Gives me more confidence now in doing my job and dealing with curveballs.’

‘It gave me a lot to think about how I came across. It really expands your way of thinking and it challenged me about what I already knew.’ Lee Anderson, Business Analyst