‘Defensive behaviours: critical conversations’ masterclass

10 July 2015

Friday, 10 July 2015, 9am to 5.30pm 
RedQuadrant, London, United Kingdom

In this continued period of budget cuts and crucial, transformational change, managers in local government are facing many difficult conversations. Conversations about...

  • Managing demand with less resource
  • Achieving higher targets whilst saving money
  • Implementing completely new, agile ways of working
  • Reducing headcount
  • Dealing with poor personal performance
  • Improving customer service with fewer staff
  • Moving to new delivery models, sometimes outside the council itself

When the stakes are high, these conversations can easily create unproductive and defensive behaviour. The change is then more difficult and more expensive to achieve.

We all have defences – as individuals, as groups and, consequently, as organisations. Mechanisms to cope with these develop unconsciously and are often employed destructively when we are confronted with challenge or change. Looking in more detail at the eight common defence mechanisms and associated concepts, this masterclass stimulates thinking on how to manage within and around such defences in order to achieve transformational change.

You’ll learn powerful practical skills based on Chris Argyris’ method of ‘productive reasoning’ - proven by large organisations from Shell to Microsoft, and refined by us in our work across the public sector. And we’ll explain our own primary research in the navigation of complex change, and the simple ‘breaking the shell' exercise.

Led by Dennis Vergne, RedQuadrant managing partner and an organisational change expert, you’ll leave this masterclass seeing your next critical conversation in a whole new light.

Cost: £275 plus VAT

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