A risk free environment to learn how to make brave decisions - Commissioner! The simulation, 8 July, London

30 May 2014

Tuesday 8 July, London

The way we do services is changing rapidly. Managers need to understand how to assess different options and manage new models of delivery.

Learn through doing – confront the consequences of your decisions in a live but risk free environment.

Commissioner! is a management simulation designed to provide a learning platform for managers to practice collaboration in managing across a set of public sector services to deliver the best outcomes with constrained resource. For anyone involved in commissioning services, it is vital to deliver and improve services at the same time.  In this programme, you are part of a management team managing a service. The simulation helps you to work through the complex issues of collaborating to develop strategies for a set of public sector services, as well as experiencing the interpersonal and inter-organisational dynamics that exist.  It is as close to the real world as it gets without anyone getting hurt.   

Discover how to implement, manage and monitor an effective commissioning strategy in your organisation.

Commissioner! deals with the issues around managing children and adolescents mental health, although the learning is applicable to any commissioned service.  It helps you to devise, implement and review strategies to help you meet your goals. Within the management team, you will

  • Decide whether and where to collaborate with other services on both strategy and operational delivery
  • Gain a holistic view by measuring performance across services
  • Decide strategies for your service
  • See the impact of your decisions on the services, your goals – and the social impacts of your strategies

What will you discover on the programme?

There are challenges that are common to many public services:

  • Collaborating across services and organisations
  • Allocating resources across different types of services with different needs: acute resolution required, or early intervention to prevent crises arising
  • Designing a performance management framework with insightful and timely measures
  • Building transparency into performance reporting
  • Understanding the social and health impacts of management decisions

Who is the programme for?

Public Sector staff involved in commissioning up to and including director and Chief Executive level.

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Commissioner! Is delivered with the creators, Fractal Consulting

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