FREE Customer Transformation Club London 6 November 2014, Leeds 13 November

30 September 2014

The next meeting of the Customer Transformation Club will be held at our Vauxhall offices on Thursday 6 November 2014, 2.30-5pm, and in Leeds on Thursday 13 November 2014, 2.30-4pm.

For members of the CIPFA and RedQuadrant customer benchmarking club, the regional feedback sessions will take place before the customer transformation club.

We'll be talking about the big bets and obvious choices, and will cover:

  • When to say no, and switch off channels - how bad is it going to get?
  • Case studies of best practice in technology

After that, the club will be taking a break for December, before reconvening on Thursday 22 January 2015, 2-5 pm at our Vauxhall offices again.

We'll address the unlikely, unthought-of, difficult, or small channels, and start the new year by looking at channel shift and the different channels available:

  • Automation and channel shift – the neglected bits… which could take out much higher volumes
  • IVR for channel shift
  • Text, phone, and the use and abuse of web chat

Read more about the Customer Transformation club here, or email to books.