Webinar - demand management - a practical holistic overview

08 December 2014

Friday 23 January, 11am-12.30pm - demand management webinar. Book here.

This taster will provide an active overview, with ideas for application, of the seven ways to manage demand:

  1. Modelling of current and future demand using big data, informatics, behavioural audit, and observation to compare many options and interventions across the system
  2. Measurement and evaluation, drawn from the same model, to test and learn from the real impact compared to the predicted impac
  3. Make demand behaviours less likely: develop behavioural goals, then apply behavioural insights to co-produce behavioural design, scripts and communications, social marketing, and community resilience interventions
  4. Systems leadership to shape integration, pooled budgets, and a more creative and productive culture
  5. Early intervention: targeted early intervention, developing the universal offer, and look for, and spread, positive deviance
  6. Deal with demand more effectively: use agile change to improve access structures and flows
  7. Manage purchase and spend: align service user, provider, and purchaser interests to reduce spend and increase impact


Demand Management Flower