Library safaris - Decoding the customer journey

29 April 2013

Barking: 29 April 2013, Sutton Coldfield: 6 June 2013

The way people interact with the library and the services it offers is evolving. As we move through these uncertain times, libraries are looking for new ways to retain or attract customers through encouraging them to use or use more of their services. A key part of this challenge is improving the experience the library space delivers to its end users.  

RedQuadrant are currently running events in two libraries to address these challenges. The aim is to evaluate the current customer experience, assess this against experiences in other environments and, embracing new technologies and experimenting with creative spaces, consider the application of user-centric design to library spaces.

If you work in library services and are interested in attending, or if you want to discuss holding your own event, please get in touch!