Oh, Behave! Power breakfast 14 November 2014 - Warren Hatter on behavioural economics and demand management

18 September 2014

The next in our series of power breakfasts is fast approaching! It will be held at out Vauxhall offices on Friday 14 November 2014, 9-11.30 am. Warren Hatter of With the Grain will be speaking about behavioural economics and demand management, in what promises to be a really interesting and entertaining session.  

There will be plenty of stimulation in the form of coffee, conversation and new ideas. Could there be a more civilised and productive start to your Friday? We doubt it!


Oh, Behave! How understanding and influencing behaviour will save public services and make your life more interesting

Warren Hatter (With The Grain)

Warren will tell you how and why insights from behavioural science work. Some of it’s fun and some of it is deadly serious. He’ll share some success stories. And he’ll explain why he thinks behavioural insights are vital for public services, right now.

You will also get a chance to try out the application of behavioural insights to your real-world challenges.

Warren is a behavioural practitioner who runs With The Grain, a tool and service designed to make behavioural insights accessible for local government and public health. He collaborates with RQ and has worked independently for seven years, following director-level roles at MORI, the New Local Government Network and Forum for the Future. You can get a feel for his work and style here, here and here.


These sessions are aimed at senior public sector leaders. Places are limited, free of charge, and will fill up fast: email events@redquadrant.com to book your spot.