Power Breakfast: agile, prototyping, and bagels, 18 June London

30 May 2014

Wednesday 18 June, 9-11.30am, London Vauxhall

Why is delivering change so hard? Because reality gets in the way with its unpredictable events and complex human relations.

Agile working embraces complexity and helps organisations to keep on adapting and improving. We have begun to see the power and impact of agile in our work, and the benefits of prototyping. We’ve used these methods to lead transformation in local governments across the country. We believe in agile, because it works.

We also believe in the power of breakfast.

So we’re spreading the word for agile – and offering free croissants. Join us for the most important meal of the day and learn how to deliver transformation that sticks from experts in prototyping.  The breakfast will include presentations on the latest ideas, the chance to share ideas with your peers – and chat over a coffee.

The breakfast is free to attend. Email Helen at Helen.pittam@redquadrant.com to book a place or find out more.