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01 December 2015

We have been delivering transformational training courses since the day we opened our doors for business

Since then hundreds of public sector senior managers, directors and consultants have passed through our acclaimed, unique and highly regarded Service Transformation Programme, comprising six days of sector-leading, proven transformation education.

Why is the Service Transformation Programme important?

Public services face a ‘perfect storm’ of unprecedented budget cuts, rising citizen expectations, and increasing demand for services. We understand that many organisations in the sector are making tough decisions in order to meet their target cuts – and even compromising on the delivery of critical services.

In this complex environment, some organisations are reaching for salami-slicing or ‘slash and burn’ savings to meet targets. While these changes may appear to help to reduce the budgetary pressures in the immediate term, this approach could lead to much bigger problems for the organisation in the future. Having witnessed this in many public sector organisations over the last fifteen years, we believe that only change that is transformational can help public services improve their services while reducing costs in a sustainable way.

What is the programme?

To support public sector organisations to implement change that is truly transformational, we have designed a holistic programme. Our service transformation programme develops the in-house capabilities of public sector leaders and managers to confidently design, develop and deliver change which can transform services and achieve cashable savings.

The four modules of the service transformation programme are: 

  • Customer led service design  and whole systems change
  • Accredited agile master in public services (PSTA-LAST)
  • Leading in a volatile world: four dimensions of complexity
  • Coaching and consulting for change: defensive behaviour and critical conversations 

This programme is highly experiential and interactive. Attendees are encouraged to put the theory into practice through simulations. This ensures you understand the methods and know-how in depth, and feel confident in applying what you have learned when you’re back at work.

For full details of the STP programme, please click HERE 

The course modules

Customer-led service design and whole systems change

Next course: 20 and 21 October 2016 (London)

The customer-led service design and whole systems change course is designed with these pressures in mind. Specifically for the public sector and for the challenging context in which we are all working today, we’ll introduce you to methods and know-how which can help you achieve transformational change. These approaches can help you achieve savings in a sustainable way, without compromising services.

This two day course supports public service organisations to adopt a much more disciplined process in implementing transformational change.

You will:

  • understand the ‘problems’ inherent in big organisations;
  • learn about the service transformation methodologies designed to implement change;
  • learn about customer insight techniques such as segmentation, customer profiling and customer journey mapping;
  • learn about key frameworks to help you identify savings in a service;
  • understand the different perspectives of key players in your organisation; and
  • learn tactics which you can utilise in your job to support change.

The course will leave you with a practical toolkit for avoiding slash and burn; you’ll learn and practise some core techniques for understanding customers, demand, processes, people, and the challenges of change.

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Accredited agile master in public services (PSTA-LAST)

Next course: 13 and 14 October 2016 (London) 

Delivering and managing dynamic change in public services can be particularly difficult given the risks and sensitivities involved. Planning projects in a linear way using traditional project management approaches often holds organisations back from learning and refining their changes quickly in a disciplined environment. 

We have developed an alternative to the traditional project management approach. Agile has been used for over a decade in innovative sectors like information technology. We have tried, tested, and improved this approach with public service, and, using this learning, we have adapted this project management approach to develop our accredited agile master in public services.

You will learn how to embrace the complexity of today’s public sector environment, and take on your next transformation challenge with a proven, fresh approach.

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Defensive behaviours: coaching and consulting for change

Next course: 27 October 2016 (London)

In the current public sector climate of uncertainty, change and budget cuts, many managers are struggling to have productive conversations with their team members. When difficult conversations are not managed sensitively, they can often lead to defensive and unproductive behaviours. Implementing transformational change in this kind of hostile environment is much harder and more expensive for any organisation. We understand that all people, teams and organisations have defences, and that, if these defences are not managed properly, they can act as a real barrier to implementing change.

This one day course has been designed to help public service organisations understand the different types of defensive behaviours that arise from difficult conversations. It also encourages you to think more productively about how these behaviours can be dealt with. 

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Leading in a volatile world: four dimensions of complexity

Next course: 28 October 2016 (London)

In today’s global climate, service organisations are dealing with growing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Add to that economic challenges, and service leaders need better understanding to navigate their teams and organisations.

In leading in a volatile world, you will understand the four dimensions of complexity: 

  • the problems we have to solve are complex;
  • the organisation is a living thing;
  • we are part of a whole system of partners and suppliers; and
  • how people think is often as important as 'the reality'.

Based on fifteen years of experience in complex service delivery and consultancy, this powerful course addresses the four dimensions of complexity to help service organisation leaders gain vision and clarity in order to navigate their organisations with confidence.


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Courses in Australia

The Service Transformation Programme is now also available in Australia. Email for more information

What previous attendees say about RedQuadrant training

 ‘It was a great experience. If this is what public sector style training looks like, then private sector learning & development departments have a lot to learn. I’ve been on a lot of courses over the years but RedQuadrant’s stands firmly among the best. Useful theory, deftly combined with intensive and engaging practice.’

‘This has far been the most useful, informative and practical course I have attended and will be sure to recommend it to colleagues.’

‘We are setting up a transformation team, so I will be able to use these tools as part of our process. Very good course - one of the best I have attended.’

‘I like the balance of theory and simulation. You reminded me to use the tools and techniques which are available to me every time, not to lose momentum. Thank you.’

‘Thank you very much for the diligence & thought that clearly went into the production of this course. Rarely is the clear linear path between theory and practice made clear. You have succeeded in doing this in an enjoyable manner. Class! ‘

‘I intend to actually take the 7 ways theory into a department, I’m currently working with, to get them thinking about changes they could make.’

‘I loved that it was like an episode of the Apprentice but tailored for public sector. It was highly motivating and empowering - reminding me why I took the role at RBK. I feel more empowered to go ahead with some ideas and to drive forward real service transformation.’

‘The trainers were very knowledgeable and had good & helpful examples.’

‘The practical strategies, tools and the theoretical knowledge will be of equal benefit.’