System leaders and transformation - practitioner event

03 July 2015

On 3 July in London, we are launching an exclusive new network. This will be the inaugural event of a group bringing together those in system leadership roles - responsible for shaping a whole organisational or departmental culture and outcomes, and those who advise them at the highest levels.

We want to bring together those interested in seriously working on their practice of system leadership - taking responsibility for the outcomes of the organisation and the experiences that your employees have.

  • If you feel that something needs to change - and it might be you.
  • If you are truly committed to the ethics of leading to create positive experiences of organisations.
  • If you believe in followership - that to lead, the hearts and minds of your followers is where your focus needs to be.
  • If you are fed up of organisations where internal relationships seem to get worse, not better.

Then call Benjamin Taylor on 07931317230 to come along and hear from other powerful leaders about what is making a difference to them.