The RedQuadrant Service Transformation Programme (Australia)

01 October 2015

A six day programme of public service transformation training
Our Service Transformation Programme comprises four separate modules, each of which can be booked separately, however there are discounts available for group bookings, and a significant saving if all four modules are attended. 

Public services face a ‘perfect storm’ of unprecedented budget cuts, rising citizen expectations, and increasing demand for services. We understand that many organisations in the sector are making tough decisions in order to meet their target cuts – and even compromising on the delivery of critical services.

The four modules of the service transformation programme are as follows.
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Why are we running this programme?

In this complex environment, some organisations are reaching for salami-slicing or ‘slash and burn’ savings to meet targets. While these changes may appear to help to reduce the budgetary pressures in the immediate term, this approach could lead to much bigger problems for the organisation in the future. Having witnessed this in many public sector organisations over the last fifteen years, we believe that only change that is transformational can help public services improve their services while reducing costs in a sustainable way.

What is the programme?

To support public sector organisations to implement change that is truly transformational, we have designed a holistic programme. Our service transformation programme develops the in-house capabilities of public sector leaders and managers to confidently design, develop and deliver change which can transform services and achieve cashable savings.

Each module can be taken independently or as part of the whole programme, so we’re flexible to your requirements. If you really want to understand service transformation – book the whole course! The full programme includes all the four modules for a discounted price and gives you a wide range of tools and methods to achieve transformational change.

What would you learn from this programme?

The four modules in the service transformation programme are delivered over a six day period. You will learn about:

  • the inherent ‘problems’ of big organisations; tried and tested service transformation methodologies; customer insight techniques; and key frameworks to help you design new services and identify savings in a service.
  • the meaning of agile and lean; the various tools and techniques used to deliver projects in an agile way; valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools; and engaging leaders, politicians, employees, stakeholders and customers.
  • organisational complexity; human reactions to collaborative working; tools and approaches to encouraging positive responses to collaborative working; and how to lead in the face of complexity.
  • how to manage sensitive conversations which could trigger defensive behaviours in staff.

This programme is highly experiential and interactive. Attendees are encouraged to put the theory into practice through simulations. This ensures you understand the methods and know-how in depth, and feel confident in applying what you have learned when you’re back at work.

How would you benefit from the programme?

This programme will provide the theory, methods and tools to transform your thinking, operating processes and people. It will give you confidence in designing, developing and delivering complex change projects to achieve savings while improving your services for the better.

The programme is specifically tailored for the public sector so, unlike other programmes, will leave you with practical knowledge which you can easily apply to your working context.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for senior leaders, service managers and team managers who lead teams in delivering change. This includes services from local government, healthcare, probation and housing associations.

About your trainer

Benjamin Taylor is a Managing Partner and founder of RedQuadrant. Benjamin is an experienced adviser to board level managers and politicians across local government, with knowledge ranging from performance management to strategic policy alignment. His diverse expertise includes:

  • taking strategic change from vision through to organisational transformation using a systems thinking approach; and
  • changing structures, processes and management thinking to deliver more efficient services designed to meet customer purpose, using lean appropriately.

How to take part in the programme

The complete six day programme pack costs A$4995 per participant (saving up to 25% by booking all four course), with a 5% reduction available for multiple bookings from the same organisation.

To book your place

Book via eventbrite at the links above, or please contact us at to reserve your place. We will then provide joining instructions and invoice.