We’re here to help

14 April 2020

In what looks set to be a long, drawn-out crisis, we want to let you know that we are here to help. In the nearly eleven years we’ve been operating, we have become deeply familiar with the implications of public services for everyone, especially the most vulnerable. We want to help you and the wider communities you operate in as much as we can by providing support and free resources to help get you through the challenges we will continue to face.

Here are some of resources and support we would like to share at this time:

  1. Free crisis support hotline - 020 7139 5195
  2. Support for managing a remote team
  3. Direct support to crisis management
  4. Using data analytics to tackle vulnerability
  5. Time to call in the SWAT team – rapid response for finance and human resources
  6. Making fast and effective decisions with a Strategy War Room
  7. Resources from the Public Service Transformation Academy
  8. Action learning as a space to explore complexity, change and leadership
  9. Our capability to respond fast to support all aspects of core operations and urgent action

See below for more on each of these:

1 - Launching our crisis support hotline

We have set up a support hotline at 020 7139 5195

Call us any time from 8am-8pm with any questions or queries. You'll be connected to Benjamin, Sarah, Tom, or Frank for free advice and support.

2 - Managing remote teams

We have put together a free 30-minute webinar to share best practices on how to manage a remote team well. The webinar covers some of the most common virtual team challenges leaving you and your team with practical skills you can apply straight away.

You can find the full recording here and information for download here

3 - Crisis management

We are also organising another free webinar on information exchange, multi -agency integration, community integration, agility, and responsiveness, and the other issues that will be critical to develop effective responses to what will continue to be rapidly developing situations. This webinar will offer real insight, and is a taster for a one day session which allows you and your strategic networks to explore issues and develop solutions to the range of COVID-19 related challenges.

Free webinar on March 31 - register here.

To find out more about the one day session, please reach out to our Executive Director sarah.johnston@redquadrant.com.

4 - Using data analytics to tackle vulnerability

As new measures to control Coronavirus (Covid-19) are introduced, we have joined Policy in Practice to discuss how data analytics can identify people who are most highly impacted by the virus, and the best way to engage with those of us who are most vulnerable. Our webinar discussed data analysis and the actions local authorities can take using insights from their household level data sets. If you missed it, or want to listen back you can find full coverage here.

5 - Time to call in the SWAT team – rapid response for finance and human resources

SWAT teams are notorious for being sent into situations which require specialist skills to resolve specific issues.  Working with this concept, we have developed a model to form teams of specialists to resolve business capacity issues. Our SWAT approach is well equipped to tackle challenges being faced by both finance and human resources.

6 - You need a Strategy War Room

The Strategy War Room, from our partners Fractal Consulting brings together all the information you need for strategic decision making in an intuitive digital environment. It’s displayed and manipulated on large touchscreens, making it really easy to work as a team and it’s cloud-based, so team members can contribute from anywhere in the world. The information has been built into models so that you can see the ecosystem your organisation is in, as well as near real-time information about your organisation, its capabilities and potential and strategic options. And the links between the information help you grasp the consequences and impacts of the decisions you might take.

You can find out more about the approach and history from creator Patrick Hoverstadt at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1rX0XM0e10 and if you are interested in further exploration get in touch with benjamin.taylor@redquadrant.com about arranging a demonstration.

7 - Action learning as a space to explore complexity, change and leadership

Action Learning can provide a powerful process to support public service Leaders as they grapple with complexity, change and difficult choices. Covid -19 adds a significant layer of complexity and anxiety to that mix. Our Virtual Action Learning Sets (VALS) made up of a small group of leaders is the perfect opportunity for improving your effectiveness as a leader and thinking through the practical steps to lead through the current crisis and beyond - find out more.

8 - Resources from the Public Service Transformation Academy

We are working with the PSTA to hold a series of free online learning events to help people navigate these challenging times. Next up we have:

  • a webinar on ‘turning strategy into action’ - you can find the full recording here. 
  • ‘leading organisational change’ - you can find the full recording here 

9 - Our capability to support core operations and urgent action

We have a wide range of experts, in areas from civil contingencies to interim leadership, many of whom have planned for and dealt with previous emergency response situations at all levels. Everyone is set up for (and used to) remote working and can bolster your team as and when required. You can find further details about other areas we can offer support and some of the team available to support you here.