Customer led transformation - the only way to survive?

09 July 2014

We've always believed that putting the public at the heart of public service is the only sensible thing to do. In the current climate, it's also the only way that offers real hope of achieving savings targets without massively impacting individuals and communities. Read our evaluation of the LGA's £7m customer-led transformation programme here.

Read our new piece for the Local Government Association - Transforming local public services using technology and digital tools and approaches.


Customer benchmarking that makes a difference

We've worked with CIPFA, the past masters in effective and useful benchmarking, to create a customer benchmarking club. Our two effective surveys will allow you to compare you performance and your strategic approach against other councils. To sign up or see more click here.


Working together to transform

If you want to learn more about customer insight and discuss the latest ideas you can find out about our free customer transformation club at the LinkedIn group here - and sign up for the mailing list here


Upcoming meetings:

Budget setting for 2015-16, Thu 18 September, 14:00 – 17:00 London

Our next regular session in London will focus on making plans for the next year. We’ll be covering

  • Scenario planning session – customer contact in the future
  • How to build the case for customer transformation…


November – the big bets and obvious choices, Thu 6 November, 14:00-17:00 London and Thu 13 November, 14:00-17:00 Leeds

(For members of the RedQuadrant / CIPFA Customer Benchmarking club, we expect the regional feedback session to take place in the morning)

In November we’ll cover:

  • When do you say ‘no’/switch off channels – how bad is it going to get? What’s the nuclear option?
  • Case studies of best practice in technology


January – the unlikely, unthought-of, difficult, or small channels, Thu 22 January 2015, 14:00-17:00 London

We’ll be starting the new year by looking at channel shift and a the different channels available by talking about:

  • Automation and channel shift – the neglected bits… that could take out much higher volumes
  • IVR for channel shift
  • Text, phone and the use and abuse of webchat