Framework success - all public services can now buy RedQuadrant's services

25 April 2013

We’re celebrating
2013 kicked off well for us here at RedQuadrant, and we’re not bashful in sharing our happiness. We have qualified for eight lots of the ESPO/Pro5 National Consultancy Services Framework Agreement.
Being the new(ish) consultants on the block, we’re elated that we secured all the lots we bid for, beating off some top players in the consultancy world. We think it’s the greatest number of lots on the framework of any consultancies. It is an acknowledgement that we are the expert consultancy for whole council change with deep areas of expertise.
We know times are tough across the sector – and you know that we take your challenges seriously and understand the importance of the work we do together. We’re proud of our young and talented company, and as our client we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you to deliver value to your organisation, helping us to build out track record.
What does ESPO/Pro5 mean for you?
In short, this means clients can now procure from us for the eight lots we have been selected for in two ways;

1. Procure directly from us
2. Procure through ‘mini-tender’ exercise

The lots
1. Community research and engagement
2. Education and learning
3. Housing and housing support
4. Leisure, culture and heritage
5. Marketing, communications, and PR
6. Planning, valuation, and infrastructure
7. Social care (adults)
8. Social care (children)
If you are interested in procuring services from us then please contact us below
Find out more
We know that in the world of technology there are many ways to ‘get in contact’ so here’s our attempt to make this easier: