On the lookout for excellent independent consultants

20 December 2013

Here at RedQuadrant we’re in an exciting position. While the public sector consulting market has taken a nosedive in recent years, our young firm has grown substantially. Since 2009, we’ve worked with many public sector organisations, particularly councils, helping them to transform their services in new and innovative ways. Operating an associate only model and with an emphasis on capability transfer, we offer our clients valued and valuable expertise at the times they need it most. Four years in, and we’ve consolidated our core business; our focus now is on developing our offerings, building the brand, and growing the company.

To help drive this development forward we are looking for people to join our highly experienced team. We are currently recruiting for:

  • Independent junior consultants– with a passion for improving public sector services, and either public or private sector experience.
  • Independent experienced consultants and consultant interims – with significant experience across either public or private sector services, including a number of years in at least one of the larger consulting firms. Experience with local authorities, in particular children's and adult social care, is a plus.

If you are a professional individual who is:

  • Passionate in your work;
  • Authentic and approachable;
  • A pragmatic thinker and thoughtful practitioner; and
  • Capable of critical thinking and analysis, problem solving and complex decision making,

A tailored CV is required for the specific role you are applying for - full job descriptions and details of how to apply, click the links below. 

For the information pack for junior consultant roles, click here.

For the information pack for experienced consultant roles, click here.