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27 May 2014

Good leadership is tough. It takes more than buzzwords and theoretical diagrams to drive change. It takes thought and lots and lots of practice. But that’s no reason to give up.

We believe it’s time to challenge traditional models of leadership and develop new ideas. We’re combining our understanding of systems thinking and adaptive leadership with our highly-successful practical learning methods to launch Quadrant Orange.

Our ambition is to use the practice of systems leadership to develop leaders who can handle real-world complexity.

We’re taking our mission seriously and starting with a wide range of events and training. Click here (pdf) for more information about our beliefs and approaches.

The practice of systems leadership – roundtable (invitation only)

9 June, 1pm–5:30pm, London Vauxhall offices

We’re bringing together top thinkers with experienced leaders to exchange ideas on the future of leadership, both as a theory and a practice.

If you would like to be invited, email ben.taylor@redquadrant.com

Systems thinking fun days

25 June 9am–5pm, RedQuadrant Leeds office

27 June 9am–5pm, RedQuadrant London office, Vauxhall

Because good ideas can be fun…and free! We believe the best way to learn is to do, and most importantly to enjoy as you do. Join us for our one-day workshop to learn about the latest advances in systems thinking through experiential learning and engaging activity. To sign up for free email Helen at helen.pittam@redquadrant.com

Click here for more information

Introducing the practice of systems leadership

30 June 9am-5pm, RedQuadrant London office, Vauxhall

In your third or fourth year of 10-40% budget cuts? Ongoing threats of redundancy or redeployment? What impact is this having on your organisational culture? How can you respond as a leader?

The public sector faces tough times. As a leader your role in strengthening the way people work together is more important than ever. Introducing the practice of systems leadership is our flagship masterclass and the first in a series of accredited qualifications (LAST-PSTA).

As part of the soft launch of Quadrant Orange we are reducing the price of this first course to £295 from the usual rate of £495. Email Helen at helen.pittam@redquadrant.com to register or click here to find out more

Commissioner! The simulation

8 July 9am–5pm, RedQuadrant London office, Vauxhall

The way we do services is changing rapidly. Managers need to understand how to assess different options and manage new models of delivery. Commissioner! is a highly effective simulation delivered jointly with the developers, Factal Consulting, designed to develop managers’ skills in measuring and managing public services. Places cost £245.

To learn how to embrace new possibilities and deliver the best value to your customers email Helen at Helen.pittam@redquadrant.com or click here to find out more

The Power+Systems organisation workshop

11 July 8.30am–5.30pm, London 

Are you at the top of your organisation, tired of having to do everything yourself? At the bottom without effective direction? Or are you stuck in the middle trying to keep too many people happy? Chances are you’re all three. The hands-on Power+Systems workshop enables you to create an empowered system where you can work with others to deliver change, no matter what level you find yourself at. Places cost £245.

Email Helen at helen.pittam@redquadrant.com to book register or click here to find out more.

And continuing our successful RedQuadrant Service Transformation Programme

1–5 September, RedQuadrant London Office, Vauxhall

Learn how to think like a consultant with our intensive five days of accredited training. The highly-acclaimed programme has taught public sector managers and consultants alike how to transform their services. 90% of participants report to be using knowledge from the programme on a daily basis. Places for the full programme cost £1,093, places can also be booked for individual modules.

Email stp@redquadrant.com with queries, click here to find out more or click here to book a place.

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