RedQuadrant certification - public service agile

14 May 2014

Announcing the launch of local government agile practitioner certification!

Agile is a tried and tested method to deliver projects in complex environments, where the expectation and requirement change frequently - an environment which will sound familiar to those working in public services!Agile Sprint Process (1)

Agile is used to deliver 'products’ in programming and software development, and is straightforward to incorporate into local government change management for cost reduction and service improvement. It is a way of delivering change in small pieces and quick, successive iterations known as ‘sprints’. It can enable services to change from within in a transparent way, inviting feedback and testing throughout the process to steer the direction of change.

Working in partnership with the Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking Public Service Transformation Academy (LAST-PSTA) RedQuadrant co-deliver:

Certified Agile Master - in public services

A two day interactive and practical course on Agile methodologies including Lean and Scrum Comprehensive learning in the fundamentals through to application. Delivered in a fun and varied environment with stimulating course materials and simulations.

Certified Agile Grandmaster - in public services

After qualifying as an agile master you can progress onto become an agile grandmaster! This is a practical, evidence-based qualification. You will keep a record of your use of scrum and agile methods for six months, followed by a final assessment.

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Agile Practitioner Certification Process

The need for agile

Traditionally, ‘change’ is delivered through Prince2 type ‘waterfall’ projects:



Often, this approach fails. Why?


waterfall fail

For public sector employees who deliver change, agile is a dynamic addition to traditional methods. It delivers change in a transparent way, and is also adaptable to requirements and quick in its delivery. Agile engages leaders, politicians, employees, stakeholders, and customers, driving change at all levels of the organisation.

RedQuadrant, in partnership with LAST-PSTA is at the forefront of introducing agile to the public sector. Working in partnership with worldwide subject matter we are able to train your team in agile and accredit their practical use of the method. This gives you internal capacity to change and develop without having to depend on ‘big bang’ implementations that hurt performance.