RedQuadrant joints the #stoptheoffpayrolltax campaign

29 May 2019

We are supporting the #stoptheoffpayrolltax campaign, against the proposed roll out of the Off Payroll Tax to the private sector. Contractors in the UK – and the many businesses who rely on them – are facing a monumental blow from government with the introduction of the off-payroll tax, and we want it stopped. Led by ContractorCalculator, this campaign and we are working hard to protect the livelihoods of contractors. 
This campaign, supported by UK contractors, small businesses and other organisations is calling on the government to drop these damaging plans – and instead launch a review into the awful IR35 legislation and to work out how to recognise the vital role of contracting within the tax system.

The off-payroll tax has proved deeply damaging in the public sector since it was introduced in April 2017, yet despite this, the government is intent on pushing ahead with a private sector roll out. They plan to include it in this year's Finance Bill, which will be brought before Parliament in November this year, so we need to campaign now!

Support the #stoptheoffpayrolltax campaign by asking your MP to OPPOSE the off-payroll tax and show their support for contractors, contracting and businesses nationally and in their own constituency.  

We need you to do three things:

  1. Write to your MP.
  2. Visit your MP.
  3. Spread the word.
For more information and how to act on this important issue, visit