Systems leadership - how to shape culture

03 October 2014

Systems leadership: the buzz phrase of the moment – a miracle cure to the organisational and cultural problems we face. While itt seems to be all things to all people, everyone using it seems to mean something different, and often they are referring to something quite narrow.

But what does it really mean? We’ve been working practically to make organisations more creative and fulfilling for the people in them, and for the communities they serve.

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Systems Leadership Atom

To us, systems leadership is about helping leaders to see the system, act on the system, and transform the system. This means the cultural and social as well as the organisational system. It means action inquiry and building practice in the workplace, not away from it. It means learning about the organisation, learning the limits of authority and the leverage of leadership, and getting clear about the nature of the problem.

Public sector organisations face tough times, so leadership gets tougher too. Optimism, the possibility of better, the need for change, and knowledge that all this is possible are what drive us.

Our systems leadership approach has five key elements:

  • Action inquiry – learning by doing
  • Agency – building your power and ability to act smartly and strategically by seeing and testing the system, and developing others in the same way
  • Purpose – building shared understanding, shared meaning, and shared stories
  • Mastery – developing your own practice and habits, and helping people in the organisation to maximise their discretion and fulfilment in pursuit of the purpose. This requires you to be fair in your requests of others
  • Grounding – ensuring that you test in practice, test in reality, and understand the deep emotional roots of culture and behaviour

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