Key questions for customer-led transformation

28 October 2014

The RedQuadrant and CIPFA customer contact benchmarking club has completed the first round of data analysis and will be releasing detailed data to subscribers, with a general white paper likely to follow in early 2015.

From the findings, the first really in-depth comparison of customer-led transformation strategy and operations across 50 councils, we have identified ten key questions for discussion:

1. Is getting customers to self-serve using digital channels the single most important element of channel shift?

2. Is it fair to say that most local authorities are not currently digital businesses and still rely on face to face and telephone contact for the vast majority of their transactions? 

3. Is digital inclusion the major barrier to delivering services – or is it the inability of councils to offer coherent and attractive online service propositions?

4. Is the future of customer contact single point of contact with deep resolution or are other models equally valid?

5. Do you know everything you need to know about customer contact to drive effective change?

6. Is CRM working and does it have a future in customer contact?

7.  Do your digital service propositions truly integrate into your back office operations?

8. With over 80% of households online and with a massive growth of mobile digital, why are volumes of online transactions so much lower than telephone or face to face?

9. Are channel shift and customer contact improvement managed and governed as a coherent corporate programme with the right level of authority and championship – or does it consist of several, fragmented activities?

10. Do you actually need new ICT systems or are your current ones capable of delivering 80% of the benefits you need? 

To attend the free RedQuadrant customer transfom wihch will follow on from the benchmarking members' discussion of these issues - 6 November in London, 13 November in Leeds, please see /news-and-events/events/customer-transformation-club-6-november-2014/

For more information on the CIPFA and RedQuadrant customer benchmarking club, see our videos and white paper at /news-and-events/news/the-channel-shift-anti-consultants-why-employ-a-consultancy-when-you-can-now-do-it-yourself/ and for details of joining the club, go to