Victim support services in Derbyshire

20 May 2015

We deliver demand and capacity analysis of victim support services to the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Victim support is a complex service to deliver, with current services funded and delivered through a wide array of organisations and mechanisms. Responsibility for commissioning of, and funding for, victim support and community safety services is split between the local authorities, the NHSE and the PCC, whereas service delivery is split between local authorities, the NHSE and a wide range of third sector service providers.

RedQuadrant were commissioned by the Derbyshire PCC to complete four key tasks:
1.    Assess the demand for services to support victims of hate crime, sexual and domestic violence
2.    Determine the current capacity available to deliver these services
3.    Build a model of demand and capacity that could be used by the PCC to create a common understanding of the service provided and the common assumptions that underpin the delivery of the service
4.    Identify opportunities where possible – to reduce the cost of the service delivery and improve the capacity and quality of the service being delivered.

Click here to read the full case study and here to read and download our Demand planning for victim support services service description (pdf)