Adult care and wellbeing

The challenges facing adult social care services are scary.

Making sure that people get the care they need is becoming more and more difficult. There are more older and disabled people than ever before and they are living for longer.  Please don’t get us wrong, this is a very good thing, but it makes providing services of which we can be proud even more challenging.

Of course, there is not much money around but customers and their carers (rightly) still expect good quality services. Health and care need to join up more effectively, everything needs to be personalised and then there’s the Care Act!

What we do is simple to describe - we work with local authorities to help you improve your adult social care services. This might be through better demand management, improved care pathways, cultural change and transformation programmes, market management or the development of new service models. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Frank Curran 07515 875381

Frank Curran is our lead on adult social care. Since 2002, he has worked with 38 local authorities, helping them improve the commissioning and delivery of social care. Of course adult social care doesn’t sit in splendid isolation from the rest of the world; Frank has a detailed understanding of the importance of links with housing, health, public health, public safety and the wider community and how to make the most of these links.

Northamptonshire County Council needed to rethink how they delivered adult social care effectively in order to meet their duties and to save money.

We worked with the Council to develop a new Target Operating Model that shifted the focus of activity from reacting to need towards prevention and reducing demand for services.  Critical to this new model was a change in staff culture and we worked with the Council to develop a strategy for how this could be achieved and measured  

Cheshire East had a familiar problem: increasing demand on services and declining money.

We worked as a critical friend, reviewing their plans and helping them put a fee and quality framework in place to control costs whilst improving services.