Commissioning, market management and market development

With reducing budgets and increasing demand the old commissioning model of paying for inputs or outputs no longer works and outcome-based commissioning is promoted as the new model. Who could possibly argue with outcome-based commissioning?  Well, quite a lot of people actually – whilst the concept makes a lot of sense at an abstract level there is a huge amount of devil in the detail to work through: whose outcomes, how will they be measured and by whom, how do you show a service has stopped something happening and doesn’t this all mean a huge increase in bureaucracy?

We think it is possible to answer these questions in ways that mean better services at lower cost whilst rewarding providers properly. But it requires co-operation with the market to agree the answers alongside clear leadership from the local authority so providers can be clear about what the authority wants and why.

We have worked extensively with local authorities to help shape local markets to meet strategic needs, and we believe we can help you too, so give us a call.

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Karen Tyerman has substantial experience of operating in top-level leadership within children’s, community, and cultural services, in-depth knowledge, and practical expertise. A 'graduate' of the Cabinet Office’s Commissioning Academy, she has spoken at a number of conferences and contributed to studies and think tanks on different aspects of commissioning. With experience ranging from childcare outsourcing and developing a joint children’s directorate, to commissioning passenger transport and transforming library services, Karen has led a number of high profile innovative projects in the fields of alternative delivery and funding models. 

Frank Curran is our lead on adult social care. Since 2002 has worked with 38 local authorities, helping them improve the commissioning and delivery of social care. Of course adult social care doesn’t sit in splendid isolation from the rest of the world; Frank has a detailed understanding of the importance of links with housing, health, public health, public safety and the wider community and how to make the most of these links.

The London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames wanted to introduce outcome-based commissioning of home care services.

We helped them to assess the readiness of both their local market and internal staff for this model, identified the barriers that needed to be overcome – technical, financial and cultural – and developed an action plan for introducing outcome-based commissioning in the borough.

The London Borough of Brent needed to find savings in its’ housing support budget.

We worked with them to evaluate how and if the commissioned services were contributing to strategic objectives; from this exercise we developed a proposal for reconfiguration of services which secured the savings required, protected current service users and focused new services on two key areas – prevention of homelessness and prevention of demand for statutory care.