Change and transformation

Helping to deliver real, lasting change is our core business. Our experience and research shows a critical distinction between more bottom-up, emergent, transformational change, and more top-down, directive, programmatic change. Our experience shows that:

  • Most programmes require true cultural change and therefore are trying to tackle more ‘wicked’ complex problems
  • Most public service change programmes, on the other hand, take a more ‘programmatic’ approach to stakeholder engagement
  • A better balance between typical programmatic change and transformational change in engaging with stakeholders is likely to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

While change targets might be ‘hard’ and non-negotiable, success will come through true stakeholder engagement, moving from a traditional model weighted to ‘direction’, to a model which blends ‘direction’ and ‘participation’. Implementing this learning in practice has proven highly successful in delivering major change.

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Benjamin Taylor

We provided programme management and delivery support to Westminster City Council’s customer programme. Phase one focused on enabling the closure of three One Stop Shop Services and was completed by the end of 2011.

Producing annual, cashable, operational savings of £2million, the work involved moving services to a set of more convenient and accessible locations for customers, and shifting a number of services online. 

Our work to support significant transformation across Hillingdon council has blended direct delivery, strategic direction-setting, options appraisal and business cases, rapid improvement events, and a ‘train the trainer’ service transformation academy which has passed on our methods to all senior managers.

We have worked across most Hillingdon services and the programme is on track to achieve all key benefits and has already realised over £5m total cashable savings as well as reduced customer effort.