Children's services

Keeping children safe in the current context is getting harder, even while demand for your services continues to rise. Further budget reductions are likely and planning appropriately for these, whilst managing current high caseloads and maintaining the paperwork required by Ofsted, makes it hard to focus your organisation’s energies.

If you need support to see the wood for the trees, call us. Our team comprises of managers and practitioners who get what you’re dealing with and have the skills to design and implement real, long-lasting change. Through our innovative Children’s Services Improvement Forum, we provide:

  • A unique set of master classes to train senior managers in core change management tools;
  • Executive coaching and mentoring on a one to one basis to determine individual and service needs; and
  • Peer review and support to deliver an unbiased, ‘warts and all’ assessment of your service’s strengths and areas of weakness, with follow-up support to develop a realistic and measurable action plan.

Dennis Vergne  07980 541990

Dennis Vergne has a great deal of experience within children's services. We have worked with councils across the country including Wakefield, Devon and Cambridgeshire on projects spanning early intervention, safeguarding, fostering and adoption and developing new models of delivery, as well as with the Department for Education (DfE).


'RedQuadrant provided significant value to Hillingdon Council Children’s Services.

'They consistently engaged staff in the design and delivery of change. This had a notable impact on success; staff feel empowered to take the lead in embedding new working practices.'

We worked with frontline teams in Devon to understand the demand on their system and the rationale behind current process.

We produced an end-to-end picture of services, highlighting where changes could be made, e.g. consolidation of several assessments into one.