Early intervention and prevention, including youth services

Whilst there is now widespread recognition of the importance of effective early intervention and prevention services, both in terms of improved outcomes for children and their families and in the related whole life costs, developing flexible and relevant services with reduced budgets continues to prove challenging.

It is essential, therefore, that local authorities and partner agencies work together more than ever before to plan and implement joint provision that can take advantage of various funding sources and deliver the right intervention at the right time.

At RedQuadrant, our consultants have worked across the early intervention field, both at practitioner and manager level, and are experienced in supporting agencies to think, plan and do innovative strategies to meet the needs of their clients.

Dennis Vergne  07980 541990 

We have a great deal of experience within children's services. We have worked with councils across the country including Wakefield, Devon and Cambridgeshire on projects spanning early intervention, safeguarding, fostering and adoption and developing new models of delivery, as well as with the Department for Education (DfE).

Our work in this field is led by Dennis Vergne, one of our founding partner, and a recognised organisational change expert with a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks, turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours.

Wakefield Council

Wakefiled Council wanted to examine how its prevention and early intervention, educational and leisure activities services for young people could be better delivered through a new local delivery model across the county-wide area. to support the achievement of positive outcomes for young people. We were engaged to support them to explore a range of alternative models to deliver the service including, but not limited to:

  • Joint venture with existing voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisation drawing on co-production principles;
  • In-house structure with VCS contracts aligned but still delivered externally and drawing on principles of co-production;
  • A public service mutual; and
  • Arm’s length arrangement.

Our team undertook a consultation with the council, key partners and young people to identify a number of opportunities; developed an evaluation framework to review and prioritise these opportunities; and created detailed implementation, stakeholder engagement and communications / marketing plans.

Two of our lead consultants in this area are Karen Tyerman and John Thurlbeck.

Karen has substantial experience as an assistant director of children’s, community and cultural services and couples this with expertise in commissioning and service re-design, particularly in setting up alternative delivery models, outsourcing and shared services.

Having spent 25+ years working in youth services within the public sector, from frontline worker to Head of Service, John subsequently led on developing the business planning for the proposed employee spin-out of the Knowsley Youth Service.