Civic and organisational

Too often ‘Cinderella’ services, this group of services is at the core of a council’s operational and political heart. We have worked with electoral services on customer access and efficiency, with legal services and registrars on mergers, trading and outsourcing, with recruitment on operational efficiency, and with facilities and property management on systems improvement, shared services, and improved customer services.

Member and council enquiries and the interface with members generally should be the strongest drivers of real political and community leadership, yet all too often they are bundled with complaints as an administrative duty which absorbs time but adds little value.

Our goal is to work with these services to help them to be become valued partners and enablers, helping to drive the purpose and the effectiveness of the whole council.

Sarah Johnston   07701 049836

Sarah Johnston, explores and blends different approaches to find the right one for any given situation and never forgets the people element. With central government, local government, private and voluntary sector experience in housing, HR and organisational development Sarah brings a fresh approach to her work.

We analysed customer contact with Westminster City registrars from residents and from people from outside the borough, customer survey data, building use, comparison of demand with other boroughs, potential for enhanced revenue through optimisation of service provision, and consideration of reputational/service risks when assessing future operating models/accommodation changes, as well as establishing Tell Us Once operations.

We also created a shared registration service model and implementation plan for the London boroughs of Sutton and Merton.

We helped Westminster City Council to deliver a fully functioning trading account for legal services, the first trading account model for Westminster.

This included extensive research into financial and case management systems, extensive and detailed financial modelling and process set-up, and significant change management and internal communications activity, as well as reorganisation of the business support services.

We identified significant transactional savings, and implemented a new process to engage suppliers whilst defining the commissioning role and associated management information.