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The way in which public sector organisations set their policy and engage with their communities is as critical as the effectiveness of their core internal services. Too often, finance, policy, community engagement, and the drivers of change are kept separate in their own organisational silos.

We use community engagement, complaints, communications and other corporate functions to drive effective customer-led strategy and transformation. We also deliver effective options appraisal and business case development and training for commissioning and effective delivery of insourcing and outsourcing.

We see corporate functions as intrinsically connected with all parts of service delivery and transformation and can offer unique approaches to drive effective, analytical, and innovative change.

Sue McKenzie

Ben Taylor, RedQuadrant managing partner, has been involved in the cutting edge of developments in local government since supporting the first round of community strategies, local public service agreements, and new executive arrangements in one of the first ‘excellent’ councils.

He has been involved in insourcing, outsourcing, and cutting-edge commissioning, and is our scenario planning and horizon scanning lead. He has also led the development 

We have worked with a range of councils developing new commissioning and co-operative approaches, from providing a radical lead to Lambeth’s path-finding library service, to working with Staffordshire and Plymouth.

We have supported strategic partnership setup, review, contract renegotiation, and decommissioning as well as financial function improvement and effectiveness.

Our community engagement, research, and communications team is one of the most effective and experienced in the country, with experience gained in MORI, Westminster City Council, and Dr Foster, among others.

From housing tenant and resident panels (Norwich City Council) to some of the most sensitive consultations (Brent and Camden library consultations), to communicating strategy in an effective and engaging way through rich pictures for Capital Ambition, Brent, and others, we focus on effective engagement to set direction.