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Demand is up, budgets are down, and you are being asked to change behaviour and manage demand. But you still have to answer the phones and keep customers, and councillors, happy.

We offer a unique combination of insight and experience, tools and resources to enable you to create and deliver an effective and efficient customer strategy. For us, customer-led transformation is not simply about managing contact centres and ‘customer services’.  What makes our customer offer different is that we concentrate on the ‘big picture’:  managing your organisation’s reputation, identifying optimal delivery models, and managing a reducing cost base through digital channel shift and re-designing services today and for the future.

So, whether you need a customer contact strategy which identifies real, cashable, end-to-end savings; a means of harnessing and using customer insight more effectively; or a business case for digital transformation based on accurate demand analysis, we have the skills and the common sense to help you with the right approach at the right time.


Sarah Johnston

Sarah Fogden heads up RedQuadrant’s customer strategy offer. She started her career working for two years as a Classics teacher before joining the John Lewis Partnership as a Christmas temp. Over twenty years later she is still working in the world of customer service and operational delivery, having left the private sector to work in a range of public sector areas such as HM Land Registry, local government and Whitehall.

Whilst head of customer service for Lambeth Council’s benefits service, Sarah had her eyes opened to the challenges of frontline delivery, business transformation and the potential for customer-focused service redesign. She developed her interest in these themes as deputy director for service transformation in the Cabinet Office, championing the use of customer insight and digital channel shift across government. Now her work as a freelance consultant enables her to do what she likes best - solving a diverse range of practical service issues with public sector clients, whilst also providing strategic guidance, workshops and training.  Her four years with RedQuadrant so far have seen her tackling local authority projects spanning library and registration services, large scale customer contact strategies, digital channel shift and customer insight projects.

We helped Westminster to close their one-stop shops without causing difficulties for customers. Online services were improved, and easy-access self-service computers were installed in community centres and libraries, with support staff in some locations. Westminster saved over £1.2m a year.

Merton wanted to build customer insight into their programme – and their day-to-day work. We looked first at which customers use which services (and how they contact the council to do it), identifying real opportunities for change. The exciting bit was then following this up in a couple of services – calculating the total ‘cost to serve’, and working directly with customers to find new and better ways to meet their needs.