Channel shift

We are leading the way on channel shift and digital service delivery with a number of innovative new services and approaches to the challenge of how to harness new technologies to deliver better services at lower total cost:

  • In partnership with the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy Red Quadrant has developed the Digital Transformation Analytics service which provides the evidence needed to inform business cases and set challenging but realistic change goals.
  • We have taken over responsibility from the Cabinet Office for the Public Service Transformation Academy which it will run together with Local Gov Digital, the Whitehall in Industry Group and other partners as a not for profit company. 
  • RedQuadrant as an organisation has developed a large number of tools, techniques and approaches to implementing truly transformative change using digital technology which are available through existing procurement frameworks. Where it cannot solve problems it has identified trusted partners who often can, including specialists from the third sector.  More information

More information on RedQuadrant and Channel Shift here.

Sarah Fogden heads up RedQuadrant’s customer strategy offer. She specialises in customer insight and channel shift, addressing the challenges of frontline delivery and the potential for customer-focused service redesign. Her work as a consultant enables her to do what she likes doing best: solving a diverse range of practical service issues with public sector clients. Her three years with RedQuadrant so far have seen her tackling local government projects spanning library and registration services, large scale customer contact strategies and accommodation reviews.

The majority of our recent projects have explored what it takes to make a local authority a ‘digital business’ and we have worked with a wide range of councils including Plymouth City Council, London Borough of Merton, Maidstone Borough Council and South Lanarkshire.

Our most exciting and wide-ranging venture to date has been the launch in 2014 in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) of the Customer Contact Benchmarking Club. With over 50 council members currently in year one, the club offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain both operational and strategic insight into the challenges and opportunities of channel shift and how customer contact data can and must underpin the case for change.

For more information on the Customer Contact Benchmarking Club and how to become a member, visit the CIPFA website.