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Whilst the core RedQuadrant approach deliberately focuses on enabling ‘big picture’ organisational transformation, we also firmly believe in the value of offering a basket of practical ‘modular’ customer insight methodologies from which clients can select the most appropriate and topical solutions, large or small, to suit the particular stage they have reached in their transformation journey. Each has a role to play in our customer insight framework - the ‘5 Ws and 1 H’:

  • Who? – who your customers are
  • Where? – where your customer live and where they contact you
  • Why? – the reasons your customers contact you
  • When? – moments your customers need/demand your services
  • What? – which services your customers need and how they can be clustered together
  • How ? – which channels your customers use to contact you

Our current offer spans over 15 techniques, from call listening and co-design to customer segmentation and groups and journey mapping; and every module is designed to be complementary so that they can be built upon as required.


Sarah Johnston

Sarah Fogden heads up RedQuadrant’s customer strategy offer. She specialises in customer insight and channel shift, addressing the challenges of frontline delivery and the potential for customer-focused service redesign. Her work as a consultant enables her to do what she likes doing best: solving a diverse range of practical service issues with public sector clients. Her three years with RedQuadrant so far have seen her tackling local government projects spanning library and registration services, large scale customer contact strategies and accommodation reviews.

We also offer support to local authorities seeking to establish a customer insight function in their organisations. For example we have recently advised Plymouth City Council, London Borough of Merton and Maidstone Borough Council, on options for where the function should sit; what its role should be; and what level of authority it should have.

In addition we devised for Plymouth a ‘customer insight starter kit’ comprising a basic collection of activities designed to engage service area leads and kick start their council-wide customer programme.

In 2013 we cemented our position as national thought-leaders on the role of customer insight in the public sector when we were commissioned by the Local Government Association (LGA) to carry out an evaluation of its major Customer-Led Transformation Programme. We assessed the programme’s  impact in terms of contributing to enabling the use of customer insight and social media tools and techniques in English councils by carrying out an extensive review of over 50 case studies. As a result, councils now have access to the most comprehensive analysis to date of both the overarching impact of the programme and its lessons for the ongoing use of customer insight by councils today to improve both service quality and efficiency.

For more information, see the LGA website.