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We offer a new approach to customer focused business transformation which, we believe, comprises a unique combination of insight, tools and resources to enable councils to deliver effective and sustainable change. Many consultancy firms can offer potentially useful but piecemeal methodologies and techniques which fail to look holistically at an organisation, its purpose, its customers and its processes, but we believe in a ‘whole systems’ approach to transformation.

At the heart of this approach is our view that customer-led transformation is not simply about contact centres and ‘customer services’. Whilst some consultancies jump straight into process, and stay there, our customer offer is all about the ‘big picture’:  managing your organisation’s reputation, identifying the best delivery model for services to combine efficiency and effective meeting of customer needs, and managing a reducing cost base by shifting channels and re-shaping services today and for the future.

Sarah Johnston

Sarah Fogden heads up RedQuadrant’s customer strategy offer. She specialises in customer insight and channel shift, addressing the challenges of frontline delivery and the potential for customer-focused service redesign. Her work as a consultant enables her to do what she likes doing best: solving a diverse range of practical service issues with public sector clients. Her three years with RedQuadrant so far have seen her tackling local government projects spanning library and registration services, large scale customer contact strategies and accommodation reviews.

As recognized experts in the field of service reviews and rapid improvement events, we have taken our whole systems approach that bit further into the practical domain of end-to-end service re-design, with the emphasis firmly on staff engagement and customer focus. We offer a range of service review models which can be tailored to suit particular service areas and your own strategic priorities.

We have applied these models both in large-scale transformation projects (for example we carried out over 50 service area workshop reviews for the London Borough of Islington) and in targeting specific service areas’ potential for detailed re-design (such as Revenues and Benefits at London Borough of Lambeth and Plymouth City Council, and Environmental Health at London Borough of Merton).