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We recognise that in the public sector, customer need and demand are vitally important – and probably just as important as organisational purpose.

Our demand analysis model is a simple one, which demonstrates that it is mapping and understanding both customer need and organisational purpose which should drive customer contact, processes, and whole systems transformation. Capturing data on customers and their needs, understanding it, and using it to shape the delivery of services through motivated and engaged staff are all key to organisational success, but we argue that a true understanding of customer demand enables you to go that crucial step further:

  • to define the vision and model for the future customer experience;
  • create the strategy and governance required to deliver that vision;
  • acquire the capacity to truly transform; and
  • determine the optimal relationship with both staff and customers to deliver what is genuinely needed


Sarah Johnston

Sarah Fogden heads up RedQuadrant’s customer strategy offer. She specialises in customer insight and channel shift, addressing the challenges of frontline delivery and the potential for customer-focused service redesign. Her work as a consultant enables her to do what she likes doing best: solving a diverse range of practical service issues with public sector clients. Her three years with RedQuadrant so far have seen her tackling local government projects spanning library and registration services, large scale customer contact strategies and accommodation reviews.

We believe there is a need for accessible and affordable tools that will allow our clients to understand and track their performance in customer contact and demand management so that they can target costly resource at genuine customer need and transform delivery models. Our focus is upon activity which is low effort, low cost and provides clear actionable insights.

If you are struggling to compile and understand your data, we can offer:

  • specialist consultancy support in developing a business case for investment and change either across the organisation or for a particular service area(s);
  • training in demand analysis and management linked to specific organisational roles;
  • a ‘dashboard’ of simple high level metrics that allows demand to be assessed and quantifiable benefits/cost to serve to be tracked as part of a change management process; and  
  • membership of the joint RedQuadrant/CIPFA Customer Contact Benchmarking Club