Housing Services reviews

Austerity, ‘salami slicing’, ‘slash and burn’, ‘more for less’ the list goes on – these are challenging times. In this period of budget cuts and rising customer requirements housing organisations will increasingly deliver sustainable, transformational change.

We believe there is a need to do things differently and avoiding the traditional consultancy approach of the past. Our approach is centred on our ‘seven ways to save and improve’ framework and we take a whole systems view of your world.

We have a comprehensive offering that is focused on reducing costs while improving services. This includes robust core techniques for understanding customers, demand, processes, people, and the challenges of change.

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Alan Burns is an expert with over 30 years' local government and housing experience. Alan’s work is focused on key areas such as organisation and service re-design, procurement, efficiency, customer service transformation, value for money, and programme and project management.  Alan has provided strategic advice to a wide and diverse range range of public sector clients including Bolton at Home, Nottingham City Homes, Leicester City Council, Newcastle City Council, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, States of Guernsey, Department for Education, London Councils/Capital Ambition and Belfast City Council.

Our housing consultants completed a review of landlord services at Leicester City Council. Using our ‘seven ways to save and improve’ framework we were able to identify significant savings in the service redesign of the voids management service.