Stakeholder engagement through Thinkchange cloud service

Evidence shows that organisations that engage effectively are more profitable, more productive, more innovative, have higher customer satisfaction levels, lower staff turnover and sickness absence levels and a better health and safety record.

Working with our partners we can provide a stakeholder engagement approach powered by the ‘Thinkchange’ cloud based solution. Thinkchange enables and connects people in a practical way that can make a demonstrable difference to any organisations performance as part of a wider employee, customer and stakeholder engagement strategy.

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Alan Burns  07875 633616

Alan Burns is an expert with over 30 years' local government and housing experience. Alan’s work is focused on key areas such as organisation and service re-design, procurement, efficiency, customer service transformation, value for money, and programme and project management.  Alan has provided strategic advice to a wide and diverse range range of public sector clients including Bolton at Home, Nottingham City Homes, Leicester City Council, Newcastle City Council, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, States of Guernsey, Department for Education, London Councils/Capital Ambition and Belfast City Council.

Esh Group faced a challenge of engaging with a highly mobile workforce operating through a group structure comprising of a growing number of separate companies across a wide geographical area was significant. Thinkchange was used to connect everyone within the business and create a conduit for innovation and collaboration.

'We chose thinkchange because it has a clear focus on business improvement with an ease of use that comes with a social network look and feel.'

Brian Manning, Chief Executive Esh Group

'We want our people to be valued and take ownership of change. Thinkchange has created an inclusive change environment for all employees including those who have traditionally been hard to engage such as caretakers and trade operatives'.

Steve Boyd, Chief Executive Solihull Community Housing