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Knowing what your customers and potential customers want and need from your services has to be the starting point in any decision-making about transformation. But you have to ask the right questions.

Our research experts can design and undertake surveys in your service points and out on the street, and can plan and facilitate focus groups and workshops - from a couple of hours to all day, for really deep insights. We will ensure that you get high quality information on what your residents are thinking and real deep intelligence as to who your customers are and what they really want from you.

Benjamin Taylor

Sarah is our lead for the library and cultural sectors and has led our projects with a large and diverse range of clients including many local authorities, the British Library, Arts Council England and the Society of Chief Librarians. Sarah has a particular interest in community involvement in service design and delivery, and is passionate about the wider role that libraries and cultural services can play in supporting communities and individuals.


Cheshire East

We were commissioned to conduct a robust library survey focussed on library users’ demand for a range of library functions. The aim was to support the council in ensuring that future changes would meet local needs as well as the strategic objectives of the service. Questioning focused therefore not just on what people think about the current service, but also on how they would like their libraries to evolve. Our report presented a distillation of the most important views expressed, detailed feedback on a wide range of questions, a summary of the most important messages received about each individual library, and some challenges and recommendations for the future.



We led a challenging piece of consultation for Camden Libraries at a time when the service was under considerable political, financial and public pressure. The council needed to reduce its overall library service budget significantly whilst managing public expectations and maintaining excellent service levels. We worked with service leaders to deliver robust analysis of options around highly contentious savings.

Our research was vital in providing the council with an evidence base for future decision-making. Our thorough scrutiny of the risks inherent in the work ensured a robust analysis of options that stood up to challenge and allowed the council to make an informed and balanced decision. It has supported Camden in making difficult but necessary decisions about the future of its library service which have enabled service leaders to build for the future.