Library back office service improvement

Our consultants have particular expertise in library back-office functions. They know, for instance, how bibliographic services function – and how they could function more effectively. We can carry out a Lean review to look at efficiency in the back-office, or assist you in exploring how sharing services might help save costs. We even understand staff attachment to those little coloured dots, and have ideas about how to minimise them!

Sarah is our lead for the library and cultural sectors and has led our projects with a large and diverse range of clients including many local authorities, the British Library, Arts Council England and the Society of Chief Librarians. Sarah has a particular interest in community involvement in service design and delivery, and is passionate about the wider role that libraries and cultural services can play in supporting communities and individuals.

Ealing Libraries lean review

We led a short lean review for Ealing Libraries' bibliographic services. The objective was to enable the service to meet a budget target, but also help staff to gain a better understanding of how improvements can be made. We carried out a detailed analysis of all the tasks undertaken by the team including the music scores service, acquisition of new stock, movement of stock between branches, inter-library loans etc.

Recommendations were made to radically rethink the music service, change the courier service, integrate library management and finance systems and to follow up on staff suggestions to improve the effectiveness of specific tasks and communications. It is anticipated that the first two actions in particular will generate significant savings for the service and free up staff capacity to drive further improvements.

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council London

'The London Cultural Improvement Programme contracted RedQuadrant to undertake research and options appraisals as part of a large-scale library change programme. We are indebted to them for steering a highly intelligent course through a complex project.'