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So you’ve decided to outsource your service? You’ve probably also chosen a provider, possibly commercial or perhaps another authority or a charitable trust. You’re embarking on an interesting and challenging journey, and it’s important to take the staff with you as much as you can.

Our consulting interims can work within the service to help you achieve this, and we can also provide a range of supports including change management, team development and scenario planning. Change excites us – let us help you find it exciting too.

Benjamin Taylor

Sarah is our lead for the library and cultural sectors and has led our projects with a large and diverse range of clients including many local authorities, the British Library, Arts Council England and the Society of Chief Librarians. Sarah is passionate about the wider role that libraries and cultural services can play in supporting communities and individuals.
Wendy Crosson-Smith

Wendy's marketing background means that she offers new ways of looking at public sector services to ensure that they are more customer-focused and harness revenue opportunities. With ten years’ experience in local government she understands the issues facing senior managers and offers extensive experience in developing, implementing and evaluating strategies. Wendy has a passion for making a difference and a track record of introducing innovation and turning businesses and services around.

London Borough of Ealing

When the London Borough of Ealing decided to outsource its library service  it was the start of a new journey. There were vacancies at senior manager level and a general lack of experience in managing change. We were asked to provide an interim manager to provide much-needed management capacity and give Ealing an external perspective on the issues that naturally arise during a period of transition.

The management of a complex contract such as this was a new skill for Ealing, and our consultant provided focus on the many details that need careful attention when outsourcing a service, such as moving across existing supplier contracts. We gave Ealing someone on their team with both the time and the awareness to focus on these details and ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

Carole Stewart, Assistant Director, London Borough of Ealing

"Wendy’s support has been invaluable throughout this period, giving us both additional capacity to tackle the extra management tasks and an external perspective on how best to do so. Working with her, and with her RedQuadrant colleagues, has been an extremely positive experience on our journey of change."