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Sometimes you need someone to do more than simply “hold the fort”. When the pace of transformation is as rapid as it usually is in local government, you can’t afford to stand still for months while you wait to appoint the right leader for your services. You need someone who can influence and shape that transformation. We can help. Our interims have extensive experience in the library and other cultural sectors. They have worked at the coal-face, leading transformation and supporting staff through challenging times. Give us a call – we would love to come and discuss your particular needs for interim management and leadership.

Benjamin Taylor

Sarah is our lead for the library and cultural sectors and has led our projects with a large and diverse range of clients including many local authorities, the British Library, Arts Council England and the Society of Chief Librarians. Sarah has a particular interest in community involvement in service design and delivery, and is passionate about the wider role that libraries and cultural services can play in supporting communities and individuals.

Lambeth Libraries

In the summer of 2012 Lambeth Libraries faced a number of challenges. A new approach was needed to bring a breath of fresh air and revive libraries' fortunes as part of the council’s community hubs initiative. We provided an interim Head of Libraries to lead the service in a new direction.

Our early conversations revealed suspicion, hurt, hostility and a sense of neglect, in spite of the programme team working hard to involve staff. Extensive dialogue with staff was needed to develop understanding and build bridges, assisted by the appointment of two new senior managers.

After an 18 month engagement our interim was able to leave  Lambeth Libraries in much better shape than when she arrived. There was a strong sense of optimism despite the challenges still to be faced, and pride as well as passion about the service. We could be confident that we were leaving it in good hands.

Olivia Spencer is an expert in local government improvement, training and development, and in leadership and innovation, with a national reputation for outstanding achievement in service improvement. Her work as a consultant includes developing and delivering leadership and management training, research in public perceptions of library services, work on innovation and lean thinking, performance management and a variety of in depth project reviews for partner agencies.

Olivia is highly experienced in change management, shared service implementation, and focused locality working at local authority corporate level. She brings exceptional people skills and a strong commitment to delivering quality customer focused services, partnerships and major cultural change. When not working Olivia is also a keen amateur actor.