Library safaris

Are you interested in improving the experience customers have when visiting your libraries? Naturally you are – we all know that retaining existing customers is the first goal of effective marketing. Our innovative 'Library Safaris' and other customer experience offers can help you approach this in a systematic manner.

Whether on a one day training course that will introduce you to the tools we use, or on a full study of a particular building which we undertake in partnership with staff who 'learn on the job', we can help you analyse how your customers really see and interact with the spaces you provide. We’ll also take staff out 'on safari' to local retail stores to learn the tricks of the trade!

Sue McKenzie  07868 713786

Sue McKenzie has considerable and varied experience in many aspects of the cultural sector: archives, museums, libraries, arts development, festivals and community engagement. She is also experienced in archival research, change and project management, development of strategies and policies, community engagement, developing alternative governance models, developing volunteer programmes, fundraising support and advice, writing grant applications, business plans and income generation,management of refurbishment and relocation programmes, support with accreditation programmes, devising and delivering training programmes, facilitating workshops, organising conferences, appraisal and development of collections, support with service changes and development.

We trained eight members of staff from Slough Borough Council’s Library and My Council services to carry out a targeted observational study of the customer experience at Langley Library.  The findings were then validated with staff and key stakeholders at a development workshop and turned into opportunities for improvement – some simple and others more complex. All of the identified opportunities, although specific to Langley Library, were relevant to the development of the new Britwell Centre and any future project to improve the customer experience.

Claire Skeates, Client Development Manager, Slough Borough Council
'The findings allowed us to view the familiar in a new light. They prevented us from making assumptions about how different spaces were used but and instead showed us the true picture of customer behaviour.'