Options analysis

Retain in-house, or outsource the service? Form a trust, or consider a commercial provider? Share some (or all) service provision with neighbouring authorities, or with other departments within your own? There are so many new, and not so new, options for governance and service delivery that might, or might not, help you minimise the impact of budget cuts while maintaining and even improving services. But all authorities have their own particular needs, and it can be hard to work out which option is best for your circumstances.

Whatever options you might be considering, let us help you analyse the potential pitfalls and benefits, understand the risks and develop the business case for change.


Sue McKenzie has considerable and varied experience in many aspects of the cultural sector: archives, museums, libraries, arts development, festivals and community engagement. She is also experienced in archival research, change and project management, development of strategies and policies, community engagement, developing alternative governance models, developing volunteer programmes, fundraising support and advice, writing grant applications, business plans and income generation,management of refurbishment and relocation programmes, support with accreditation programmes, devising and delivering training programmes, facilitating workshops, organising conferences, appraisal and development of collections, support with service changes and development.

Barking and Dagenham
We were commissioned by the library service in Barking and Dagenham to support the development of a revised strategy for the service. There was a sense that, after a period in which the main focus had been on 'getting the house in order', the service needed to position itself to look more to the future. We recommended top level strategic aims and focus areas for the new strategy, aligning these with any known development plans and future opportunities, while focusing them firmly on the priorities identified through engagement with the service and with the public.


Performing Arts in Slough
Working closely with senior managers we developed a clear options appraisal and business-case based action plan for the Performing Arts in Slough. This work involved engagement with community arts groups, council officers and Members, Arts Council England and other stakeholders in order to develop a strategic approach to performing arts provision in Slough. Our evidence-based report recommended a new strategy for the Performing Arts which has been adopted by the Borough Council.