New models of service delivery

Once upon a time it was simple – councils decided what they wanted to do and, if they had the money, they did it or they paid somebody else to do it!

Ok – it probably was never that simple, but it’s certainly not true now! Public bodies have got to do more with less whilst retaining the commitment of their staff, have to think about how they can invest in a cost-effective way in preventative services, how they can influence behaviour in the wider community without spending a fortune and how they can make sure partners work together to achieve common goals.

We have been involved in some exciting ways to solve these problems. These include:

  • Setting up mutual, spin-outs, and trading companies instead of out-sourcing
  • Using social investment to solve long-standing problems
  • Using social marketing to nudge behaviour change
  • Developing tools to really measure how effective preventative services actually are
  • Using strengths based approaches to solve local problems – finding the answers within local communities.

Frank Curran 07515 875381

Frank Curran has been involved in this exciting area for some years. He has been involved in setting up mutuals, developing some of the first payment by results contracts in the public sector using outcome-based commissioning. 

Westminster City Council leading services are a top-class legal team and wanted to introduce both internal and external trading.

We established processes and reporting and helped the team to gear up to become a fully accountable trading body.

We developed and delivered the incubator process for the London Borough of Newham, helping services to identify their opportunities to trade and innovate, going through a business case development and negotiation process and choosing the appropriate legal form.