Mutuals and other alternative delivery models

With increasing pressure on budgets more and more authorities are looking at alternative models for delivering services – whether outsourcing, trading companies or staff-led mutuals. The  possible advantages are clear – done properly alternative models can reduce costs and improve performance – but so are the disadvantages – if not done properly authorities can end up committed to contracting  for inflexible service models that do not meet local need. Much attention is focused on the form and structure of alternative models and we can help with this (alongside our legal partners Browne Jacobson) but there are fundamental question that authorities need to think through – what is the business proposition, is it viable, is it scalable, does it meet local needs?

We have considerable experience of helping public bodies work through these questions to a successful conclusion: of ten teams of probation staff funded by the Cabinet office in 2104 to develop mutuals only the two that we supported successfully went live.

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Frank Curran is our lead on adult social care. Since 2002 has worked with 38 local authorities, helping them improve the commissioning and delivery of social care. Of course adult social care doesn’t sit in splendid isolation from the rest of the world; Frank has a detailed understanding of the importance of links with housing, health, public health, public safety and the wider community and how to make the most of these links.

Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) was a competition run by the Ministry of Justice to part -privatise the English and Welsh probation service. RISE were a group of staff from London Probation Trust, who were interested in forming a staff-led mutual in order to bid for the services being tendered through TR.

We, along with Browne Jacobson, supported RISE with their business planning and negotiations with prime TR bidders. In February 2015 RISE went live as one of the largest outsourced mutuals ever in the UK.

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Innovation Wessex were a group of staff from Probation Trusts in south west England who were interested in forming a staff-led mutual in order to bid for the services being tendered through TR.

We advised them on a complex set of negotiations with a variety of primes with the successful result that they won business in the south-west, Bristol and Wales.

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