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Our work in this area spans all levels. Our consultants have worked with multiple local authorities, groups of authorities (e.g. Greater London Authority) as well as the Planning Advisory Service.

A typical engagement starts with an analysis but at the same time making real changes in just a few weeks.  For instance, a recent Planning Service project delivered 33% reduction in process steps for planning validations and approvals allowed an average of 2.5hrs to be saved per application. In Building Control, most work isn’t statutory, this is often expanded into a more fundamental review; including joining services with other local authorities, alternative delivery models and workforce remodelling to be able to efficiently deal with peaks and troughs of the work.

Some of our clients include Wandsworth Council, Westminster City Council, Bromley Council, Harrow Council and the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Phillip Hellyer

Dennis Vergne, RedQuadrat managing partner, has deep experience from initial business case to full programme delivery of parking and regulatory service transformation.

His combination of business planning and change management expertise means that he understands the benefits – and how to deliver them.

After four initial workshops with the planning team in Bromley council, we worked together during an eight-day rapid improvement event focussed on the validation process.

The work delivered an immediate improvement process time from (real) receipt of an application to planning case worker (from 15.3 to 5.6 days). Most importantly, the team gained skills to undertake further improvements themselves and are on track to keep the validation process time below three days, with many done within a day.

With increasing private sector competition, delivering mostly non-statutory services and experiencing fluctuating demand, a number of councils have asked us for a more fundamental review of their building control service.

These reviews looked at different ways the service could be delivered, and evaluating the range of models from outsourcing, to running internally run the services with more ‘associates’ (agile workforce that can deal with large demand changes).